Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Strawberry plants look how I felt last Wednesday

Hi there. There are some unhappy strawberry plants amongst the mix. I think they had hardly any roots so are struggling in these pots - but the Granny's bonnets are doing really well! Wouldn't you agree?

Today I am going to concentrate on finishing a flyer to promote the Thought Exchange event, which is coming up so soon. The chap from the coop came back to me with lots of support about the project, and notifying me that June 5th (the date I am planning to hold the event) is World Environment Day. Which has potential links, so I'm going to have a look into this. Just waiting for a final sign off to hold the event at the Stirchley store from the manager.... hopefully he'll email me this week. (NB the link to coop midlands site here seems a little bit dated...) Part of the preparation for the event will involve asking each plant to give me a bit of detail about their life and themselves, and trying my hand at some not very botanically accurate illustrations of them in flower. I am also working on the questions that will form the framework of the thought exchange.

On Friday I spoke to a couple of very helpful staff at Stirchley library about linking in with some half term activities - possibly doing a family craft workshop, and maybe having a slot at their next coffee morning. So I've got to have a think about that. Lots to think about. They also said they were happy to exhibit documentation of the event in the library on their notice board. All very positive stuff. But I just need to decide on the final direction and give them some more specific ideas about what I can do. So today I will also be sketching out some ideas about how this could work.

Lots to do, so will speak later.

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