Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Event - Saturday 5th June in Stirchley 11am - 4pm

WOWEEE I have remembered how to use photoshop again! It took about 4hours to remember and some books from the library, but it feels good!

SO here is what I have created! I hope this comes out ok, I have been having problems saving it so it doesn't look pixellated on pcs - so let me know if it looks strange.

I am still waiting to here from coop about a where the stall can be located, but I thought I really need to start getting these flyers out otherwise no one will know about it!

I am hoping to adapt this flyer a bit to advertise a craft workshop in Stirchley library hopefully taking place next Thursday - will let you know as soon as I sort that out. A bit short notice I hear you cry! Well I take your point on board.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped out in this project so far - this flyer does not reflect all the support I have had, as there wasn't space, but don't think it has gone without thanks.

Will let you know about venue changes!

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