Thursday, 9 September 2010

Coop Garden of Thoughts on flickr!!


You may have noticed a flickr photostream appear on the right hand side of this blog page... If you click on it then you will be able to read all of the comments gathered through the Stirchley Thought Exchange event outside the coop back in June this year.

There's some really interesting comments - that Stirchley generally needs some TLC, some charity shops, more support for independent businesses, more community activities, and our community baths and Victorian architecture desperately needs saving.

I am in the process of scanning in all the thought flowers, butterflies, blades of grass and birds completed at the last Stirchley Community Market, and will be uploading these soon too! It was really nice to see some of you who had visited the Exchange back in June come back and say hello. I hope you all enjoy reading each other's inspiring reactions to your urban environment.

Happy reading!