Saturday, 15 May 2010

More plants! Hurrah!

I haven't as yet counted the number of plants we just rescued from a garden in Hazellwell Lane. But considering the majority of gardens were very overgrown with brambles, bindweed and buddleia, we managed to find a lovely patch of bluebells, violets and creeping jenny. And others. Fantastic. So they are all potted up - need to buy more compost tomorrow **note to self**. And I need to label them all too. The compost is quite fine and airy so they will need a lot of watering. And there was so much bindweed entangled with things, we had to carefully check roots of everything planted to make sure no unwanted garden terrors are given away along with garden lovelies!

Some of the strawberry plants from the Kwiksave car park (site opposite the British Oak pub on Pershore Road/ Hazelwell Street) have now also been added to the collection. Eight healthy looking specimens. And we left about two or three plants in situ - as it is nice to see strawberries growing in the wild.

The chap still living in Hazelwell Lane was most helpful in allowing us into his garden, and telling me about where I can gather leads on the others who used to live down that road a good 10 years ago. One suggestion was to look at records in the library archives - to look at the history of the road; and there were a few contacts at the community centre that might be fruitful. It would be interesting to build a picture of this community before Tescos bought them out. Most of this row of houses have been empty for 9 years. Last Sunday one of the houses was set on fire. How much longer can it take before a decision will be made! Or any action taken?

The town centre manager for Stirchley responded to me yesterday about options for holding the stall for the exchange event on 5th June. He potentially offered the space outside the constituency office/ school. Which would be excellent - right in the heart of the area. I sent a contact at coop some information yesterday too so I'm waiting to hear from him also about having the stall outside the front of the coop by the bus stops.

Well I think it is over and out for me now.... maybe catch up tomorrow!

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