Friday, 28 January 2011

Thoughts from Stirchley Community Market, August 2010

Wow, that has taken some time for me to complete. But I have now scanned and uploaded the comments received from the Stirchley Thought Exchange attendance at last August's Stirchley Community Market. They should appear in the photo stream on the right hand side of the blog... just click on it to see the comments closer up...

All 22 comments provided really useful feedback on the market, and about things you like, as well as changes you'd like to see within the local area. Here's a few of the responses:

"I would like Stirchley to have ore trees and plants, and less derelict buildings"

"I like how it feels like you can do anything in Stirchley"

"The high street looks a bit tatty, but that doesn't mean I want an enormous Tescos!"

"[Stirchley] is a secret, and what a great one!"

"[I would change] the road next to here (Hazelwell Lane).. those houses could be beautiful and yet they're all boarded up ;o( BOOOO!"

"I like the guy who wont move out his house for Tescos. I like this market and the library and the swimming baths building. And the coop."

"Build houses instead of Tescos."

"I'd like a tea and cake rooms"

"I like the River Rea and our friendly neighbours"

"I like the bowling alley"

"Against all odds, the community feeling refuses to die"

"There should be more cash machines"

"I would like a local car share club so people could get rid of their cars"

"I would like [Stirchley] tidied and regeneration. More information from the council"

"I would like more opportunity and support for local businesses to flourish - the empty shops are here, so are the creative people. Also, perhaps the reputation needs to be developed further."

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