Sunday, 6 June 2010

Thank you!

Hello there, sorry I've been a bit quiet with the blog and answering emails and facebook messages in the last couple of days... I had been very busy preparing for yesterday's event.

Thank you to all of you who came along and either stopped for a chat to see what was going on, or shared your thoughts in exchange for a plant and its story. I'm yet to unpack everything but am very much looking forward to making a nice cup of tea and reading through all your comments and memories.

Very soon I will upload some of the photos and and give more of an insightful update as how the day went... but in the meantime I would like to say thank you to the following people (in no particular order):

Matt Powell (Town Centre Manager) and Selly Oak Constituency staff for their support in answering queries and giving permissions

John Boyle, Matt, Andy and the other duty managers at the Coop Superstore in Stirchley for their enthusiasm and support

Sam at Touchstone for granting permission to remove plants from gardens and car parks

Ann, Denise and everyone at the Stirchley Library

Chris, Gen and Tom at Stirchley Happenings for practical help - and Chris for volunteering on the day

Pete, Mick and everyone at Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum for spreading the word and their support

Carla Smith, Jessie Cape and Neil Winkles for volunteering on the day and taking photos

Nerys James for the tips on graphic design

My mother Mary for listening

My colleagues at work, especially Debbie, Adrian, Karen, Pat and Helen for listening to all my project updates and offering advice

The Ranger Service: Adam for his support and assistance, and Steve for all the leaflets!

Hazelwell Lane neighbours Martin and Tracey

A huge thank you goes to my father Martin for his botanical knowledge and practical support throughout the project

Thank you to all the businesses/organisations who helped by advertising the event and for taking an interest in it

Thanks to everyone in the facebook group who gave their ideas/ links for the project

And again, thank you to all the community and visitors to the area who participated on the day, and to Tony of Friends of Cannon Hill Park for volunteering

And thanks to everyone else.... I hope I've not missed anyone out!

Will catch up with you soon...

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